About Us

Cube education is a trading name of Cube Group in the field of Study abroad career path provider. Cube education is a company established with the vision to bring up the ethical transformation in the service business industry by the young and dynamic team. Cube Team is qualified and experienced in the relevant field. We from the beginning journey of our business can set a milestone in the field of the education service business sector. With the concept of establishing ourselves as a leading institution that is living its vision of enhancing the capacity of individuals and institutions from the globe to Nepal and contribute to the nation’s development. We are crafting new ground by bringing the globally enhanced brain launching back to the nation and moving ahead in developing our motherland.  

We are profoundly committed to promoting a learning environment where individuals relive themselves and learn to be thoughtful and responsible managers, leaders and entrepreneurs in the global market. We with the assurance continue to provide our students with opportunities to explore and develop their potential to mark their footsteps in whatever they do and wherever they will be.

Cube Group the name came from the meaning of each Eight Dimensions of wellness. 

1. Emotional: – We are serious in our business with the step by step growth and service we are visualized and dreamt of.
2. Environmental: - We have created a wonderful working environment with our team understanding our team spirit.
3. Financial: - In business, it is a basement to put up the foundation where we are very serious to balance all the aspects of it. 
4. Intellectual: -  We deal logically and with understanding the interest of our clients focusing on our service motto. 
5. Occupational: - We are professional and make it feel with the service performance we carry. 
6. Physical: - With a healthy heart and Brain we maintain our ethics of business.,
7. Social: -What we earn, we serve back to our community. Respecting our social values and norms, we keep up our responsibilities.
8. Spiritual: -  Dealing with human means dealing with people’s emotion and people feeling. We respect every individual's interest and perform accordingly.

Cube Group is a mother company for multiple institutions. Under the umbrella of Cube, Presently we carry divisions as under.
1. Cube Education 
2. PTE Class Nepal