In recent times, the United Kingdom has become a top destination for international students pursuing higher education. With some of the world's oldest universities (Oxford and Cambridge), the United Kingdom has been the second most popular destination for international students, behind the US. 
Here are the reasons why studying in the UK is so popular.

Internationally Recognized Universities

Internationally Recognized Universities

The UK institutions consistently rank among the best, and higher education and qualifications are internationally recognized and valued.  

Shorter degrees

In the United Kingdom, you can usually complete an undergraduate degree in 3 years and a graduate degree in just one year.  That means you will graduate sooner and can save time and money on fees and accommodations. 

Shorter degrees
Scholarship and Financial Support

Scholarship and Financial Support

Universities/Institution offers many financial support options like merit-based scholarship programs to international students who wish to study in the UK. To apply- first, you need to get acceptance to the course of study.

Work while study and Work Permit after studying

While studying, international students can work up to 20 hours per week during semester and full-time during breaks. University and institution may assist in placement after completing the study.

Work while study and Work Permit after studying

Frequently Asked Question

  • What are the minimum requirements to study in the United Kingdom from Nepal?

    Different degrees required different requirements to study in the UK. Students with unsatisfactory or unrelated subjects need to complete their pathway education before entering university education. Pathway degree generally required min 2.0 GPA  while undergraduate education required min 2.4 GPA in 4 scale GPA grading system. the post-graduate education needs more than 50% in their Academic background in the related subject with the English proficiency of 5.5 not less than 5 depending upon the requirements of the universities and colleges as well as the courses. 
    For more information regarding study in the UK feel free to contact us.

  • What are the popular cities in the UK to study and live for Nepalese students?

    The UK is the most popular abroad study destination for international students. Almost all of the regions of the UK are popular among students. The most popular destinations for Nepalese students are London, Manchester, Leicester, Liverpool Leeds, Birmingham. 
    Cannot find the preferable destination in the UK for your study? Contact us we will help you to get your voice of destination to study in the UK 

  • What are the popular courses to study in the UK ?

    The UK has more than 190+ universities have more than 1000+ courses to choose from. However Business, Health Science, Engineering, Computer Science, Arts, and law are quite popular among Nepalese students. People have opportunities to complete their Undergraduate, postgraduate as well as Doctorate degree in those faculties. Besides these faculties, there are many courses you could choose according to your interest and choice. 
    We are here to help you select a course according to your interest and will, Contact us. 

  • What are the accommodation facilities available for the international students?

    Usually, there are two types of accommodation that are quite popular in the Uk among international students. the off-campus and on-campus accommodation are preferred by the students. Generally, the on-campus accommodation is arranged by the universities or colleges while off-campus accommodation is seld arranged by the students. off-campus accommodation seems to be affordable as two or more friends would be sharing the accommodation. 

  • What are the living cost and the total balance required for the UK Visa?

    The living cost within London is £12006 while outside London it's £9207. You have to show the one-year tuition fees amount and living cost in your account for the study permit. 

  • Can we change the universities and colleges? What about changing the campus of the same university/college after a certain period of study?

    Yes, students can change the university or college after a certain period of study. students also can change the campuses of the same college or universities according to their preferred location. To change your course must be taught in the preferred campus location.

  • What are the most popular universities for students in the UK?

    Following are the most popular universities in the UK for the students. 

    1. University of Bedfordshire
    2.  University of Greenwich
    3. Middlesex University 
    4. Cardiff University 
    5. University of East London 
    6. Sheffield Hallam University 
    7. University of Salford 
    8. University of Hertfordshire 
    9. North Umbria University 
    10. Liverpool John Moores University 

    Didn't get your preferred university or college on the list? We do have many more others Please contact us for moe university information. 

Student Testimonial

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When I think about enrolling in an IELTS class, the name that comes to my mind is PTE Class Nepal. Usually, I don't follow the advertisements on social media, but this course had piqued my interest. I saw the ad on social media and decided to give it a try. I started with the trial classes, which I found useful, quite interesting, and mesmerizing too. Then after, decided to get enrolled for the complete IELTS course of the PTE Class Nepal. I found smooth transition of the IELTS cycles (LSRW) and the reasonable fee of the test preparation classes during the pandemic period very impressive. The team is committed to providing excellent instruction, and management to the student. The teaching styles of the tutors are to the point. Meanwhile, the arrangements of the several orientations for the aboard study planning during the course are the plus points. 
Before joining the PTE Class Nepal, I was self-preparing for the IELTS examination. But, easier said than done, I realized it was an arduous task to achieve the desired scores. When I first joined PTE Class Nepal, I learned numerous valuable skills that helped me in every way to gain confidence in taking the IELTS examination. There is always a possibility of bonding with new people even though we all met digitally. In a nutshell, I am grateful to the PTE Class Nepal family for organizing such fantastic sessions throughout the pandemic period, allowing us to make the most of our free time fruitful.

Mr. Gunanidhi Pokhrel

I had taken the IELTS test twice before, but I never knew there were so many tips and tricks to take care of for a better score. Now after I enrolled in PTE Class Nepal again for my IELTS preparation class, I came to know what to do and what not to. Finally, I can ensure that I can take my test properly.  Here in PTE Class Nepal, every type of question in each section is well discussed, leaving no stone unturned. All my doubts have been cleared and now, I am well known and properly guided about IELTS. I am glad that I came by to take a preparation class in the institute focused on quality and genuineness.

Thank you Team PTE CLass Nepal for your wonderful service and guidance. 

Ms. Asmita Gyawali

Hello everyone! My name is Ambika Yonjan and I decided to take PTE Academic because I am planning to try my luck abroad. Taking PTE was a delightful experience for me. At first, I was unsure whether I could make it or break it. Due to the nature of my work (Registered BSc. Nurse in a private hospital), I have not had much practice with conversational English as we often use the Nepali Language to communicate. I was really worried that I won't be able to do well in the speaking category. I came to know about PTE CLASS NEPAL via Facebook which has been providing online classes during this lockdown, pandemic days. 
PTE CLASS NEPAL gave me more confidence to overcome these challenges. It has helped me work on my weak points and create a realistic study plan that suited my needs and timeline.
My one-on-one PTE online class with Mr. PS Hamal taught us humour and made the entire learning plain and simple. I was provided with helpful tips and strategies to make sure I would meet the required scores and supported to achieve my goals. What I love most is, Mr. Hamal is a good listener and motivates to improve providing significant feedback that includes both positive as well as points to improve. The lessons were easy to learn in a friendly and comfy environment. They provide online review materials to help me prepare and familiarize myself with the exam format. I would definitely recommend PTE CLASS NEPAL courses to all my friends and other pupils planning to take PTE Academic courses.

Ms. Ambika Yonjan "My Higher education Guide"