About Us

Cube education is a trading name of Cube Group in the field of Study abroad career path provider. Cube education is a company established with the vision to bring up the ethical transformation in the service business industry by the young and dynamic team. Cube Team is facilitated by qualified and experienced members who have been in this service field for a commendable time. Our services are guided towards the betterment of every student with the meticulous learning centre and through the modern ways, where students revive themselves and learn to be competitive candidates to stand out in this Global field. Cube likes to be the choice of students for the abroad career path they have dreamt for. We, from the beginning journey of our business, can set a milestone in the field of education service business sector. With the concept of establishing ourselves as a leading institution; living its vision of enhancing the capacity of individuals and institutions from the globe to Nepal and contribute to the nation’s development. We are crafting new ground by bringing the globally enhanced brain, launching back to the nation, and moving ahead in the development of our motherland. We are profoundly committed to promoting a learning environment where individuals relive themselves and learn to become thoughtful and responsible business leaders in this 21st-digital-global market. We, with the assurance, continue to provide our students with every available opportunity to explore and develop their calibre so that they can mark their footsteps towards wherever they head, and whatever they wish to be, with their arsenal filled with all the needed knowledge and information.


About PTE Class Nepal

PTE Class Nepal: (Professional Tutor of English) PTE class Nepal is one of our sister concern of Cube Group to look after our academic areas for the English language proficiency test preparation. With the rigorous research from our expert team members in regards to English tutorial institutions about its service, we came up with this idea to commence one of the best service-oriented institutions to cater to our students to provide quality service in order...

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Why Cube Education?

Cube is dedicated and promising to fulfill its commitments towards the service it offers. Provides truth and genuine information. Guides towards career destination. Assists students with an application, visa, hostel, medical/travel insurance, and even airfare. Works as a bridge between international associates and students.

Our Mission

To be an internationally recognized “study abroad institution” in Nepal. Cube Education encourages an environment that supports students’ growth with their own choice and creates their pathway as per their strength.

Our Vision

To develop cube as a stakeholder’s first choice company for their requirements.

Our Philosophy

We endeavor when we presume more responsibility to be delivered.

We deliver services, which we are self-satisfied with. 

We shall become skilled and competitive by competing with ourselves and collaborate with others.

We deliver realistic events to tackle any kind of future realities.

Our Values

We are committed to Sincerity in service.

Our Integrity in relationships will be our strength to flourish.

Respect for self and stand for others in thick and thin of lives.

Student Testimonial

Hear what our students have to say

When I think about enrolling in an IELTS class, the name that comes to my mind is PTE Class Nepal. Usually, I don't follow the advertisements on social media, but this course had piqued my interest. I saw the ad on social media and decided to give it a try. I started with the trial classes, which I found useful, quite interesting, and mesmerizing too. Then after, decided to get enrolled for the complete IELTS course of the PTE Class Nepal. I found smooth transition of the IELTS cycles (LSRW) and the reasonable fee of the test preparation classes during the pandemic period very impressive. The team is committed to providing excellent instruction, and management to the student. The teaching styles of the tutors are to the point. Meanwhile, the arrangements of the several orientations for the aboard study planning during the course are the plus points. 
Before joining the PTE Class Nepal, I was self-preparing for the IELTS examination. But, easier said than done, I realized it was an arduous task to achieve the desired scores. When I first joined PTE Class Nepal, I learned numerous valuable skills that helped me in every way to gain confidence in taking the IELTS examination. There is always a possibility of bonding with new people even though we all met digitally. In a nutshell, I am grateful to the PTE Class Nepal family for organizing such fantastic sessions throughout the pandemic period, allowing us to make the most of our free time fruitful.

Mr. Gunanidhi Pokhrel

I had taken the IELTS test twice before, but I never knew there were so many tips and tricks to take care of for a better score. Now after I enrolled in PTE Class Nepal again for my IELTS preparation class, I came to know what to do and what not to. Finally, I can ensure that I can take my test properly.  Here in PTE Class Nepal, every type of question in each section is well discussed, leaving no stone unturned. All my doubts have been cleared and now, I am well known and properly guided about IELTS. I am glad that I came by to take a preparation class in the institute focused on quality and genuineness.

Thank you Team PTE CLass Nepal for your wonderful service and guidance. 

Ms. Asmita Gyawali

Hello everyone! My name is Ambika Yonjan and I decided to take PTE Academic because I am planning to try my luck abroad. Taking PTE was a delightful experience for me. At first, I was unsure whether I could make it or break it. Due to the nature of my work (Registered BSc. Nurse in a private hospital), I have not had much practice with conversational English as we often use the Nepali Language to communicate. I was really worried that I won't be able to do well in the speaking category. I came to know about PTE CLASS NEPAL via Facebook which has been providing online classes during this lockdown, pandemic days. 
PTE CLASS NEPAL gave me more confidence to overcome these challenges. It has helped me work on my weak points and create a realistic study plan that suited my needs and timeline.
My one-on-one PTE online class with Mr. PS Hamal taught us humour and made the entire learning plain and simple. I was provided with helpful tips and strategies to make sure I would meet the required scores and supported to achieve my goals. What I love most is, Mr. Hamal is a good listener and motivates to improve providing significant feedback that includes both positive as well as points to improve. The lessons were easy to learn in a friendly and comfy environment. They provide online review materials to help me prepare and familiarize myself with the exam format. I would definitely recommend PTE CLASS NEPAL courses to all my friends and other pupils planning to take PTE Academic courses.

Ms. Ambika Yonjan "My Higher education Guide"